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Below are a few testimonials that we have received during the last few years.  

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Adrenal Fatigue

J.O. (Las Vegas, NV)

Phillip and Dama genuinely love helping people and have a passion for what they do. I was amazed what they were able see about my health just by looking at my blood cells. From the current stress on my body to early stages of health problems down the road they could see developing.
My first appt. I was fatigued. They could see my blood cells were stressed & I wasn’t digesting food well. I warned them I didn’t want a pile of pills every day & they didn’t send me home with a pile. In fact, 3 supplements was all I needed to get my body back in shape.
After visiting a year later I could visually see for myself that my cells had changed for the better, I had energy again, and the things we treated were working.
Most recently: I’ll get returning dermatitis break outs(past 10 years) that will not go away on it’s own and the dermatologist always gives me an antibiotic & steroid cream, so this last time I called Phillip & Dama instead and to my surprise they were able to treat it by using a natural supplement & Vit. D cream. I’m amazed and a complete believer that Nutritional Microscopy works.
Thank you Phillip & Dama!

Anxiety/General Health

M.S. (Las Vegas, NV)

Healing Journey

I am so thankful God brought me to Philip and Dama. I started seeing them back in November of 2015 for several health concerns. One of them was severe anxiety attacks. They immediately discovered the root of the issue which was an amino acid deficiency and have corrected the issue entirely with an amazing nutrition and supplement protocol. My life's dramatically improved in so many ways, and I no longer suffer from panic attacks. Additionally, my blood panels from my doctors have never been better! I highly recommend seeing them if doctors are providing you with no answers...


K.M. (Los Angeles, CA)

Hello!! I recommend that you work with Lifeisintheblood for your family's health. They have helped me with natural treatments to better my families health. They have helped me with my son who has autism and myself with my hormones.  I have seen a big difference in my son's behavior and attitude since I started his regiment. They helped us understand every step of this new 100% natural healthy lifestyle and have been hands on with us in the process. I'm happy that they, along with Dr. Smith, have helped our family. I recommend there services 100%. Know that your lives are going to change and their knowledge will help you. My family is very grateful.

Behavioral Concerns

A.L. (Burbank, CA)

I'm a mother of three and they represent everything to me.  So you can imagine the defensive stand I would take when anybody questioned whether my youngest son was anything but perfect. Sure in the back of my mind I had questions, but the off-handed comments from principles and other parents, and even family members, always kept me a bit on edge.  "Was he really in need of professional help?"  I began to even ask myself.  

Lifeisintheblood came to me through a friend... A real friend.  And I'm glad they did.  I could see the stress my son was under and could do nothing to relieve his pain.  It was clear to them what was wrong and with their sympathetic guidance we were able to just add a few supplements to his diet and the results have been amazing.  He has been more communicative and I can even see him developing his own emotional solutions.  They were able to deduce exactly what he needed, and his and our lives have been forever changed by lifeisintheblood.  

I cannot thank you guys enough for offering a loving vantage where we could come up with real solutions to living healthier and better.

Blood Clotting Disorder

S.M. (Los Angeles, CA)

My Eye Opening Experience:

Working with Philip & Dama was such an eye opening experience for me and very necessary in my life! Earlier this year I had developed a series of blood clots out of nowhere and it was then determined that I had a genetic blood clot disorder. The doctors that I was seeing told me that I was going to have to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life. Being only 37 years old, I was very upset about this so I decided to seek advice elsewhere. When I went for my first visit with Philip & Dama, I was, first off, surprised of how many things they were able to see and tell me about myself that I had never learned before from any doctor visit. They explained everything to me very clearly and suggested a regiment for me to follow with changes in my diets, various detoxes, and a combination of supplements. I followed everything pretty closely. It's only been about 3 months since my first visit and I'm not sure if it was all based on their suggested regiment and changes, but I'm happy to say that all of blood clots are now gone and a different doctor that I was able to find also has taken me off of blood thinners. I do believe that their advice has helped some portion of this as well as the confidence they gave me to be able to do more research and to outreach to other medical professionals. I have decided to continue working with them since I ultimately feel a lot better and love that I know more about my body and my blood. I've already recommended them to many of my friends and family members since meeting with them and I would do the same for anyone else in the need for knowledge and/or help with any medical issue.


D.D., (35yrs, Las Vegas, NV- Thyroid/Lung Cancer Survivor, Mother of 4)

I considered myself physically fit and eating pretty healthily when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer late March 2013.  I had my left lobe extracted in early May 2013..  It was through my pre-operation chest scans that the doctors found a mass attached to my left lung.  Also Cancer.  It was at my son's birthday party that I heard about Life is in the Blood during my recovery from the first surgery.  I, like many, was seeking an alternative to chemotherapy.  After all source research and readingbooks on diet and it's relation to Cancer, I decided to make an appointment.  After a very insightful educational consultation I felt confident in my decision to take the all natural supplements suggested and discipline my diet to my body's specific dietary needs.  I appreciated how clear and logical the suggestions were along with their personal experience.  The antioxidants, organic, raw diet was completely in alignment with everything I read and researched.  My choice became clear.  The diet change and supplements aid in cleansing your body of harmful toxins and waste, as well as, aid in digestion while not taking in preservatives and other harmful nutrients.  I noticed a difference in the first 2 weeks with my energy.  My energy had highs and very low lows prior to the changes made in their specific Consultation.  Within 2 weeks I noticed a consistency with my energy it was low but consistent.  With their Consultation, I readjusted proportion and frequency of my diet and noticed a dramatic difference in my overall health and well-being.  As I went in for blood work and check-ins with my Doctors they noticed it too.  The amazing difference was in 4 months when they measured my mass and it had shrunk from 2.9cm to 2.1cm.  I was checked by 3 specialists just to confirm.  With the help of Life is in the Blood and their specific diet and supplement suggestions, my tumor had disappeared in a period of 5 months from there and I am happy to be Cancer Free today. It took a total of 9 months.  As a working Mom of 4 I can truly say deciding to work with them has saved my life and changed my dietary habits not only for my well-being but for my children as well.  Today I continue the diet with little change in supplements to maintain a healthy state.  I recommend them often and highly suggest going in for a consultation just to be knowledgeable of what is happening in your blood and as general health care practice.

Chronic Fatigue

S.S. (Las Vegas, NV)

I am so grateful to Philip & Dama for all of their help. I was experiencing extreme constant fatigue along with other health concerns with no cure in sight.  I had my blood tested and was given insight into what was happening.  Philip & Dama are very knowledgeable and showed sincere care for me.  I have changed my eating habits and I am taking the supplements that were recommended to me including EnzyMax which have helped me tremendously.  I recommend Life Is In The Blood to everybody.  Thank you both for helping me and encouraging me onto the healthy path.  

Z.M. (Las Vegas, NV)

 Too Young for Chronic Fatigue!

I cannot possibly say enough good things about Philip and Dama and Life is in the Blood! They are both such authentic people who genuinely care about helping others.  In March of 2015, I was 25 years old and allergies hit me pretty hard. In order to travel out of state, I went to an Urgent Care facility for a quick fix consisting of a Kenalog shot and some steroids. Afterward, I went through a number of symptoms that were abnormal to me, including hives, joint pain, chronic fatigue, and even cataracts--bear in mind, I was only 25! I was all of a sudden unable to keep up at work and was feeling extremely low emotionally as a result. Over the course of the next few months, I visited multiple doctors to see if they could pinpoint the source of my issues; but instead of running the tests they were supposed to, they simply said that since I was young I would eventually get over it (after taking my copayments, of course).  At this point I was frustrated and felt like I was going crazy. Then my mother scheduled an appointment for me with Philip and Dama. In my very first visit, they found seven maladies in my blood--seven! They took the time to explain how and why these problems in my blood were affecting my body. And they were also able to recommend supplements I could take to repair blood and rejuvenate my body. Through making some dietary changes and visiting Life is in the Blood in the summer of 2015, I am doing much better and am feeling more healthy than ever!

I would definitely recommend Life is in the Blood to anyone out there with severe (or even minor) health issues.

Thank you Philip and Dama!

M.L. (Las Vegas, NV)

I have been a flight attendant for 15 years. And that takes a huge toll on your body. Life is in the Blood has helped clean up my blood naturally to prevent any future disease. Also to get ready for my baby. They have helped with my chronic fatigue and restless leg, amongst other things. I highly recommend everyone pay them a visit for whatever ailments you have long or short term. Once I have baby, I will be continuing services. I rather go to Dama and Phil than go with big Pharma... Who knows what other issues taking medicine can do to my body.. Thank you Life is in the Blood for changing and continuing to change my life.


R.M.  (Jamaica, NY)

Last year in April 2014, I went to the doctor with slight tingle in my left lower abdomen and felt something was not quite right. I have had cancer 2 times one in my left leg in my bone and the other was a metastasis in my left lung. I knew what a tumor growing felt like and I knew there was something wrong and I had to do something fast. I went to the doctor because I was feeling the growth of something new and I was just feeling off inside, my hair was thinning and not acting right among other changes, and my face was breaking out which is very unusual for me (not to mention an absolute no no.  I am too vain to just be okay with these changes). I was told after doing a sonogram that I had multipule cysts on both ovaries and a fibroid in my uterus, but they didn't hurt so I went home with the knowledge and figured I would find the info I needed to fix the hair and skin problems. The next month, in May, my tingle turned into pain and when I started my cycle and it was the worst cramps I had ever had.  I went to the doctor and she gave me 800 mg of ibuprofen. June was a month of constant pain and even worse cramps during my menstral. I had to go to the doctor because at that point I was throwing up and having terrible pains and weak for days. She gave me a shot to ease the pain, did a sonogram again, found there was a vey large cyst and told me that it may be endometriosis and the cyst may be rupturing. The next 3 months were ones of fatigue and constant pain and me taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 to 6 hours 24 hours a day. I spoke with my childhood friend about my issues (you can read her story on here too thyroid/ lung cancer mother of 4) and I was about to go in for a MRI, do a blood test to see if I had cancer again and to confirm endometriosis. She told me to check Dama and Phil out since they helped her, I was not too sure because I though they only helped with cancer but I trusted her since I've known her since we were 12.

After the tests were all done the doctor wanted to do surgery to remove the cyst and do a biopsy plus put me on birth control. She tried to convince me the surgery was a minor with minimal scar etc. I refuse because, once again, vanity won out and I have enough scars on my body from the other cancers I had, not to mention now your messing with my unborn children. I flew out from NY to Las Vegas consulted with Dama and Phil and did everything they told me to do. With in 2 weeks my pain lessened and with in the month the pain went away totally. When I did things I was not suppose to do I could feel the cyst slightly aching. I have been following their advice and I feel so much better now I no longer have constant pain and my menstrual cycle pain is back to normal and I have noticed they are not as heavy. I still have to follow up with my doctor to see if the cyst is and if the fibroid have disappeared. My hopes are that after getting my hormones in check (my doctor told me my hormones where fine after a blood test and I did a ZRT test with the advice of Dama and Phil and it turns out there are really out of whack and are contributing to my health issues) I will be able to give an update and the cyst and fibroid will be gone for good. To be continued...


C.L. (Denver, Colorado)

 I am so thankful to Phil and Dama for all of their help! As a stay at home mother of 2 I have struggled with post partum anxiety, depression, and OCD since the birth of my daughter in 2012. Honestly I've struggled with depression for probably most of my adult life. After the birth of my daughter I reluctantly went on a prescribed anti-depressant, Zoloft, for a total of 6 months. This would be to help me ride out the hormonal imbalance I was told I was experiencing by my OB. In 2014 I became pregnant with my son. Again the depression took over me, not only throughout my pregnancy, but again after the birth of my son. I immediately went back on Zoloft and Ativan, prescribed by my OB. I was definitely reluctant because of the way it made me feel. But I didn't know what else to do. I needed to function, and the Zoloft allowed me to do ONLY that. I was even keeled, but emotionless. I felt socially awkward, and my marriage and other relationships were struggling. I was still depressed, I just didn't care!
After trying another anti-depressant through my family practice doctor, I had a complete meltdown. The medication increased my anxiety, and set off my depression in a way I had never experienced. I felt for the first time in my life like suicide seemed an impending outcome of all of this, if I couldn't get it together! This is when I knew enough was enough! I reached out to Phil and Dama. After a horrible week of detoxing off the prescribed depressants, I started a routine of natural treatment...and I have to say I feel better now than I have since my daughter was born in 2012. Even since before that. Dama worked with me over the phone, since I live in Colorado. She was always there when I had a question, and very supportive. You can tell that the both of them are passionate about what they do and they truly care about others. Daily I am beginning to see the shadow of the person I am and it gives me hope that I CAN AND WILL be the mother, wife, friend, and person I was meant to be. If you have ever suffered from post partum, you know it can be debilitating and relentless. I can honestly say I'm climbing out of the darkness...and I couldn't have done it without your help!!!
Thank you Phil and Dama
God Bless you both :)


R.L. (Las Vegas, NV)

I actually love going to get a check up!
I started going to Phil and Dama a few years ago when I was 26 or 27 by recommendation of my pastor (Who is in his 60s, and just finished building his house with his own hands with no health issues.) They have given me so many tools and so much knowledge about living life in a healthy, natural and balanced way, thinking outside the box of mainstream health/media claims and really doing what is best for your body. I suffered from digestion issues, chronic fatigue, hormonal acne and at that point they were all just a normal part of life to me. In addition to that my family history has a lot of health issues like high pressure, diabetes, cancer and I wanted to be proactive about my health while I'm still in my 20s to make sure that my 30s 40s 50s and so on are healthy.

How did thy help? Well before I even told him what my problems were, they were able to tell me a majority of the issues I was having based on looking at my blood. (It wasn't a trick or scam, I've been there with other people for their appointments and they were not given the same information as me.) after that they showed me how my lifestyle, when I was eating, the products I was using and what I was not incorporating in my diet were affecting me. I literally have not gotten sick in over a year and my job is surrounded with germs. I love the holistic approach that they use versus the symptom/prescription medication method that most traditional MDs use. I still visit my family doctor once a year for a check up, but I don't solely rely on their opinion anymore. I know a myriad of issues can be resolved or prevented just based on what you're putting or not putting in your body. Because of what I've learned from Phil & Dama, I've been much more proactive about my health and I'm much more in tune with my body especially when something is off.

I'm a big fan of alternative medicine now, doing my own research, and incorporating natural supplements and remedies into my life versus turning to prescription or OTC drugs. And I have never felt better! (Physically and my outlook on life) so many issues were resolved within the first six months, that had I've been doing with my dermatologist, gastroenterologist, and family doctor had been telling me to do I would be on prescription medication, taking laxatives every week, on Accutane and birth control, and probably
Other medication to combat the side effects.

I'm so glad that I took a chance and went and saw them. Yes it's a different approach to health but they've never recommended that I do anything that made me feel like "OK what the heck are these people talking about?" and they are the most loving compassionate and caring people. They have great values, it's not just about getting you in and out and collecting money like at a quick care. But they truly take the time to make sure you understand everything and I literally have never been able to not reach them if I had any other questions.

At first I was skeptical, but I put my health first and I have made life is in the blood part of my life, my fiancé's life, and I've even got my mother and sister to go! If I ever leave Vegas I'll definitely come back to visit for my check ups! I can literally write so much more, but the point is I couldn't afford not to go! Thank you guys!!!


C.R. (Houston, TX)

For the past 4-5 years I suffered with stomach issues.  I thought it was the norm and after a while I realized it was so much more. Had my first colonoscopy in 2009. Was told I had IBS and diverticulitis (pouches in the colon) that can be really painful if infected. Well I got an infection and the pain was beyond belief and to even touch my left side was unbearable. My daughters were really concerned about me and we went to Life Is In The Blood and I got supplements to help with my situation.  Within 2 weeks I was feeling 100% better.  My daily regiment is this: In the AM and the PM I drink 1/4 cup of Aloe Vera Juice with some drops of liquid Molybdenum. 3 times a day I take Total Cleanse after each meal. I take 2 caps of probiotics 2 times a day and 2 O'leave caps a day.  That's it.  I upped my water intake and cut down a lot on processed foods.  Eat more gluten free foods and more greens and vegetables.  This I am doing for 3 months and after that I will maintain.  I have never felt better and it's only been 1 month!

General Health

R.C. (Las Vegas, NV)

Loooove Phil and Dama, they are truly a God sent. Helped me with some health issues that I had earlier in the (year). I've been doing good and going strong since February and will do a follow up with them in the near future, lol! If you have any blood needs GO SEE THEM stat! They are more than worth it! Two of my family members have gone to see them and are happy with their outcome.

P.M. (New York, NY)

After being told what my deficiencies were, it all made sense as to why i felt very tired despite having to produce minimal energy through out my work days. After getting my blood work, assigned the right supplements, and sustaining a consistent effort to improve, i am finally able to carry a work load day and still have lots of energy to keep going. I am very happy to know that i can sustain a healthy living and maintain great knowledge with my body through my blood work. Philip and Dama were very genuine and caring after my blood work results to see if i have gained improvement. I am proud to say that i feel better than i have ever felt in a long time and am actively sharing my new found energy with people that i know can benefit from this. I highly recommend diving into this field of work to better understand yourself and progress to a better you! Thank you Philip and Dama. With much love.

C.K. (Las Vegas, NV)

My husband and I finally went to see Phil and Dama after hearing from many of our friends about how they were able to help them get healthier. As much as we both wanted to be healthier, we were afraid that the commitment would be expensive and time consuming. During our initial first consultation, we were amazed to see our blood under the microscope and even more amazed the second time we went to see the changes in our blood, after following Phil and Dama’s advice. We feel much better, we have a lot more energy, the pain in my joins went away, we lost weight, and I personally feel that my time with the Lord is richer since I feel healthier. The best part was that our fears of how difficult it would be were unfounded. We found that it was easier to change our bad habits than we thought it would be and are extremely blessed by the results. We are truly thankful!!!

Y.B. (Miami, FL)

Prior to my appointment with Dama & Philip, I had a lot of health issues & concerns lingering in my mind. Dama & Philip were very informative and helpful and were able to answer all of my questions. I had many unpleasant experiences in the past with traditional medicine, and as a result, I've taken the holistic approach. It is by far the best thing an individual can do. I highly recommend to first start here. Thanks Dama & Philip for your servant and wonderful hearts to help others.

M.W. (Los Angeles, CA)

I can't stress enough how important it is to stop believing in "sick care" and start doing your own research and start living in a real health care way.  Philip and Dama will guide you, advise you, and lead you to a simple and efficient way to health.  Whether you have aids, are diagnosed with cancer, are always tired, have "cholesterol" issues....  The great thing is you have the choice to change things for the better.  It changed my life and I'm glad I took all their advice, I owe it to myself!  I referred them to my friends and I'm proud to have contributed to the bettering of their health as well. 

Fatigue/High Blood Pressure/General Health

H.H. (Las Vegas, NV)

"Life Changer!"

My husband and I were interested to see what was going on in the inside of our bodies so we could better our health.  We live a relatively healthy lifestyle, but had some concerns about a few things, blood pressure for my husband and some fatigue and mood issues in myself.  First off it's really cool to see your blood cells and the differences inside each of us.  After a lesson in biology, we were encouraged that with the regimen recommended, we would be on the right path in no time.  Philip and Dama know what they are talking about!  They are so knowledgeable about the body.  Within a few days, I was feeling great with tons of energy!  My body is much more in balance now.  My husband was able to get off of 3 medications!!  We were so excited about our results that we brought our adult son, who has several issues, including debilitating fatigue.  They were able to help him by explaining the reason behind his issues.  The first day of my son's supplements, he felt a tremendous jump in his energy!  Also, our 9 year old daughter has a very difficult time with anxiety and concentration.  She is now able to sit for long periods of time and is overall more pleasant to be around, which is helping my well being too :) What a blessing to see this change in our family.  We are so grateful!  It answered questions we have been wondering about for years that nobody could answer.  I highly recommend Life Is In The Blood to everyone- whether you have serious issues or not, but crucial if you do.  This has been a life changer for us.

J.R. (Tampa, FL)

"Great Support and Advice!"

My husband and I visited Philip and Dama when we were just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!! They were able to recommend the right vitamins and supplements for us and tell us what we needed to change in our diet. As a family, we are all feeling great. The consultation fee was probably the best money we have spent in years! Having their support and advice for me and my family is priceless. Highly recommended!

General Health/Recommendation

Dr. D.J.D., EdD, MFT, NCC (Las Vegas, NV)

It was my pleasure to meet and work with Dama.  I was treated with complete respect and privacy as I was fatigued and under constant stress. I wanted to know what was going on with me besides getting older! It was very interesting to see a drop of my own blood instantaneously and to have Philip and Dama go over every detail with precision and knowledge.  They suggested natural herbs and treatments, along with the proper diet instead of manmade pills and processed foods.

I was so pleased that I have since referred several friends of mine to go to “Life is in the Blood”, and I highly recommend them to anyone, including children and older adults.  It is awesome to have a young Christian couple so concerned about others’ health, and to warn Christian men, women, and ‘soldiers’ for the Lord about the dangers of what is being put into our foods, and the toxic environment that is hurting our young people.  Their training and expertise have helped many.  We must keep our bodies (as well as spirits and minds) strong to be good soldiers for God.

Even young children with autism and ADHD would benefit from these services, rather than be ‘drugged’ and go to school looking like zombies.  As a former school teacher for the CCSD, and former school counselor, I also would recommend you to go to “Life is in the Blood” rather than have a psychiatrist put your children on pills with many dangerous and long-term side effects.  It used to break my heart to see children as young as 5 years old, with large pupils and acting "out of it" in school due to the medications they were already taking.  Many times, these kids are ‘drugged’ to get them to stay seated in school, rather than allow them to move around, and enjoy the natural benefits of good food, exercise and love, rather than factory processed foods and pills.  

I would highly recommend this service as an alternative to prescription pills and suggest having your blood analyzed, and allow these experts to suggest natural supplements and a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Dr. D.

Grave's Disease

M.S. (Phoenix, OR)

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease(an autoimmune illness). My doctor recommended a radioactive iodine treatment as a cure for my thyroid. In my search for alternative methods, I was recommended to Phillip and Dama by a friend and decided to travel to Las Vegas from Oregon to see them. I have now seen them a few times and as of last month, my Endocrinologist gave me the news that I was officially in remission. I decided against the iodine treatment or any other medication, and instead used and continue to use supplements along with a healthy diet recommended by Phillip and Dama. Thank you so much!

High Blood Pressure

T.R. (Houston, TX)

Life is in the Blood is run by people who genuinely care about the people they see.  We took my mother in law who suffers from high blood pressure. She received not just her blood results, but very extensive information about the root of why she ended up with blood pressure in the first place.  She was able to see immediate result and was even able to stop taking one of her medications after only two months of her regiment.  If you are serious about knowing the effects that your lifestyle has on your body and are looking for an alternative to western medicine, they are definitely your starting point. 

Hormone Imbalance/Chronic Fatigue

P.S. (Las Vegas, NV)

If you are reading this testimonial and are wondering if you should try life is in the blood, please read my story. They changed my life for the better. I had been to my primary care physician, my endocrinologist and my OBGYN trying to figure out what was wrong with me. My joints ached all the time, my face would break out like I was a teenager and I'm in my mid-forties, I constantly would have dark circles under my eyes and I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. My menstrual cycle was almost completely absent, even though I was pre menopausal. I was tired all the time and my belly was distended even though I'm pescatarian, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, sugar free, and have one of the cleanest diets my doctors have ever seen and even though I would practice yoga 3 to 5 times a week and walk anywhere between 10 and 20 miles a week, I was still having weight problems. It just didn't make sense. Every time I would go to the doctors they would tell me I don't know what to do for you. Maybe this is just the weight you're supposed to be. I don't know why your stomach is distended. I'm not sure why your face is breaking out, but I can put you on some oral medication. Not once did they even catch the fact that my progesterone was so low and my estrogen was so high it was putting me at risk for breast cancer. Philip and Dama at life is in the blood figured out my hormone levels and recommended the proper supplements to give me my life back. My face is almost completely cleared up. I now have my yoga practice at its all-time high where I can move into the yoga poses with ease and not be in chronic pain. I am losing weight and my complexion is so clear now even my aesthetician said to me wow you look like you are 20 years younger because your skin is so hydrated and supple. My friends are noticing there's something different about me telling me I look so much better. The best part about this is that I'm not taking any prescription medication. This is all done naturally through life is in the blood. I have really begun to lose faith in Western medicine, but I feel so blessed that I have found life is in the blood because they have given me my life back. Thank you just does not seem enough.


J.M. (Pennsylvania)

Basically, I tried with my ex fiancé years prior and my current boyfriend of two and half years to have a child, and after almost 7 years total all seemed hopeless in having a child. It brought many boughts of depression and severe anxiety of the future. My only dream in life was to have a child and everything seemed absoultely hopeless and I was lost. Until I randomly met Dama and her husband they changed my life forever. They made me aware of the parasites in my body, they told me I had liver stress, hormone imbalance, I was enzyme deficient, and there was free radical damage. I made Dama aware of my hardships with conceiving and she assured me that all would be fine just make sure I take my supplements for at least three months before trying again to get my body back to wear it should be. I was started on Cantron , sovereign Silver, paraclear, liquid molybdenum, enzymax, and aloe. It seems like a lot, however ten months later I am 40 days away from delivering my first son and I couldn't thank them more. They are truly angels on earth doing amazing work for people. I'd do it all over again and am looking forward to raising my son as healthy and holistically as possible. Thank you both so much you mean more to my life then you will ever know!

Leaky Gut/IBS

R.R. (Houston, TX)

My daughter Bella had two major surgeries by the time she was five month old. I noticed after her last surgery she was always sick to her stomach and seemed to always have nasty diarrhea with a more than ordinary smell. There were also some foods that would upset her stomach to the point where she was throwing up every other week, which is not normal. So, when she was one, I went and started seeking out what I can do to help her. I found that Philip and Dama with Life Is In the Blood had all the answers I was looking for. She informed me that due to all the antibiotics that was giving to her after both of her surgeries, it had stripped her intestines of all the good bacteria, while getting rid of the bad. Her body was never the same after those surgeries. But, Dama gave me a regimen of Kids Probiotics and Barleans Olive Leaf extract. I could see a difference in less then two weeks. And now she is about to be two years old and she is perfect! I give her the regimen everyday and have never skip a day. I will never stop. The regimen she is on also helps fight viruses so she never really gets sick. My son is now and forever will be on that regimen as well. They are now my go to people when I need help with anything. Thanks so much!!!!


N L. (Burbank, CA)

"They are truly the blood whispers. "

Over the years I had just stopped caring about my health, and as I approached 40 it seemed to be taking a toll.  I was taking multiple painkillers and yet still just pushing through the pain and migraines. My high sugar diet was bringing on a whole new set of symptoms, and my general mood was biting at best.  One visit from lifeisintheblood and it was clear I had been harboring some nasties.  They are truly the blood whispers.  They could see exactly what was the problem and instead of throwing a bunch of organic solutions at the problem, they were able to give me a detailed list of exactly what I needed to take and what to avoid.  In a world where our supermarkets are filled with homeopathic isles, one can easily find themselves throwing a bunch of remedies at a perceived problem.  This is the genius behind lifeisintheblood.  Why not let an expert give you advice on exactly what to take and just solve the problem once and for all.

I can't say it wasn't hard work on my side, as remembering the regiment took some getting used to, but in the end the results have been amazing in my life and for my family.  They followed through with me, even assisting with getting some of the supplements I needed, and made adjustments as I was on my recovery.  A loving and honest business, lifeisintheblood is more than just an informative glimpse into your health, as I've now entrusted them with my family as well as referred them to friends.   I can happily say I haven't had the need for painkillers in a long time, not even over-the-counter headache medicine, and I feel great.  Sure, I don't exercise  enough and occasionally I will cheat and get a candy bar, but honestly I feel great without it and even better that my mind has been clear to make those choices.

Visit with them and see for yourself.   

Thank you guys, Stay awesome.

T.G. (Las Vegas, NV)

I have suffered with migraines since I was three years old. I really never thought about doing anything for them except medications but have always worried how those medications were affecting my liver.  Every blood test at the doctor’s office came back saying that my liver was fine but I had a hard time believing that years of OTC meds and prescription migraine medications had not had ANY effect on my liver.  Recently I had a bout of three weeks of migraines non-stop. I also had no energy and was feeling very depressed. I went to my physician and was told all my tests were normal and there was nothing wrong with me.  I certainly felt like something was wrong.  I was not myself.   Feeling ill I guess can really get you down. I have never struggled with depression before and consider myself a Spirit filled person with a good outlook on life, but that was changing. I wanted to take a nap every day at 10am. Unfortunately, I still work full time so that was not really an option. I had to give up some of the activities I loved simply because I needed to go home and sleep much more often than before.  I was desperate and did not want to live with the pain and depression for the rest of my life.  I had been told for years that certain food could trigger my migraines but never put much stock into it.  Something had to change. A few of my friends had gone to see Philip and Dama, at Life is in the Blood.   I decided to go see the wonderful people at “life is in the blood”.  Dama and Philip checked my blood. I was able to see exactly what they were looking at and they explained everything they saw to me. With just one look they could tell I was on an emotional rollercoaster (without me saying a thing about that, as I did not even want to admit it to myself) and were able to tell a few other things that I had forgotten about. They could see the uric acid in my blood and I do have a diagnosis of gout.  They were able to tell that I had gluten sensitivity and this could be contributing to my depression and headaches.  They could also tell that my liver was overtaxed and this could be contributing to a lot of things. Along with suggesting some natural supplements they gave me an extensive list of foods that can cause migraines.  I took them all out of my diet and began to reintroduce them one at a time to see what really affected me.  They also gave me a list of foods that are acidic and alkaline so I could get my body functioning more properly. I changed my eating habits and my migraines are now under control and so are my moods☺.  I no longer take headache medicine every day (actually it was multiple times a day).  I am gaining my energy back and feeling more like myself.  These are simple changes that a person can live with and they advocate a clean healthy eating style but don’t push anything on you. They are always available if I have questions.  I cannot express how much better I feel and other people can tell the difference in me too.  Thank you Philip and Dama.

K.M. (Las Vegas, NV)

For the past 3 years I have had incompasitating migraines, the ones where you cannot open your eye in the morning, where you can’t get out of bed and feel like all hope is lost. I went to 6 different doctors and no one could figure out the root of my problem. At one point a primary care physician put me on an anti-depressant and sent me to a migraine specialist who put me on another anti-depressant. I was told that the two working together would alleviate my symptoms. Well let’s just say they didn’t. At this point I felt desperate and I would try anything just to feel better for one moment!

In late December of 2014, my mom brought me to Philip and Dama who read my blood and explained to me what my body was fighting and what it needed to be healthy. They told me they were going to help at the root of my problem and to be patient as it would take my body 90 days to rejuvenate new healthy blood cells. They also suggested that I try the Castrol oil pack and cleanse my liver. They were very caring and knowledgeable and help guide me on my new path. This wasn’t like anything else I had ever experienced. All the doctors I have gone to over the years have always wanted to prescribe something to cover up the symptoms but never get to the root of my problem. I felt this was it... I was done being sick!

I was ready to take back control of my life so I ordered all my supplements and opened up my mind to allow myself the opportunity to be happy and healthy again. I really wanted this to work. Philip and Dama sat with me for over an hour and explained everything to me in great detail until I understood their message. It wasn’t a diagnose, a written prescription and a kick out the door. They were very caring and concerned about what was going on with me and they wanted to make sure I understood my obstacles and road to my new health. I really wanted to do this right so I challenged myself to a new healthy new lifestyle.

First I believed I wanted my body to accept the supplements and not fight any other toxins in my body. I understand that was going to be a challenge but I really wanted to cleanse my body of the poor impurities that I had control over and allow my body to focus on the supplements it was receiving so I began a 10 day challenge. As you may know a Castor oil pack is 3 days on 4 days off and 3 days on again resting 2 weeks in between. So for 10 days I only drank homemade juice and shakes. Nothing store bought and all ingredients were to be organic (or at least raw, not canned). At times it seemed challenging but I would just go to the Las Vegas Farmers Market and purchase all my fruits and veggies, clean and wash everything so it was ready to juice. Then when morning came I would make a really big shake, pour it into multiple jars and drink them throughout the day. Not only was I ridding my body of empty calories, dairy, meat, carbs and unwanted sugars but I seemed to be losing weight as well. Although I didn’t eat poorly to begin with, cutting out manmade processed foods really proved a portion of why I wasn’t feeling well. You really don’t realize how much bread you eat until you cut it out of your diet.

By day eleven, I was able to get out of bed and began to feel better. I began thinking, juicing isn’t all that bad. I really didn’t miss anything I hadn’t been consuming, but I felt as I missed chewing my dinner. So I kept with the healthy theme and incorporated nuts, whole fruits and vegetables into my diet. I also began sautéing my vegetables and pouring them over brown rice and whole grains. I made enough in one dish that I could eat left overs for a few days and rotate my left overs in between. I was two weeks in and feeling better than I had in a long time.

When I hit my 90 days, I realized that my migraines were gone and BONUS I had lost 35 pounds, just by watching what I put in my mouth. I don’t miss any of the poor choices that I was making before. I did notice how hard it was to be around friends and family that don’t realize what your goals and challenges are. Even though they 100% support me and don’t mean to put the temptation in front of me, it happens and I just have to be strong enough to realize, that one piece of “goodness” may taste good of a moment but in the long run it will bring me down. And to be honest I have given in a few times and really felt sick over it afterwards. Not only physically, because my body wasn’t use to processing and breaking it down but also mentally for straying away from my own discipline.

I am still going to continue working with Philip and Dama as I have layers of health problems that I need to uncover. They are supportive and very understanding. They get to the root of the problem and work through it with you. Each of our bodies are different and sometimes have multiple layers which will need time to break down. But I swear by their methods. If I had not tried this option, I would still be in bed every day with a migraine and chasing after diagnoses and prescription medicines praying for relief. Instead I chose to get to the root of my problem so I can move on with my life. I am going to continue to eat healthy as much as possible all of the time. I know if I stray too far off the healthy path I can repeat the 10 day challenge to reboot my system.

During these 90 days, I admit there were times I was challenged but life in general is challenging and you need to ask yourself... “Am I worth it”? Once you determine that you don’t want to live this sick lifestyle any more only then you can take this challenge and get back to being a part of your journey, instead of lying in bed watching it all go by without you.

What I have to say is to all those who feel challenged... YOU CAN DO IT. When you feel horrible and depression sinks in, the easiest way out is to give up hope. Then to make excuses that no one supports you and it’s too hard to make dinner for my family and stay on this path to recovery. Just remember there is no life if you are not in it. So make it so... and do for you so you can enjoy the rest that has yet to come. 

Chronic Pain

C.G. (Los Angeles, CA)

Dama and Philip, 

I am so grateful for your care and consideration with my friend Dayna and my own health challenges. My friend has never been so healthy! As for me, before I saw you, I was in intense physical pain and passing out almost daily after eating sugar or starch. I have also suffered countless unknown / misdiagnosed illnesses for nearly 20 years. Within 2 weeks after my visit, I was in no physical pain and was no longer passing out. I finally had a greater understanding of my health, but also pictures of my blood and the feeling that I had finally found answers that I so desperately needed for so long. Only one month earlier, I had 9 vials of blood drawn and the typical blood work results were pathetic, as usual. From just one drop of blood during our visit, I am in better health than I have been in years. I now share your website and contact info almost daily when the opportunity presents itself. I wish everyone would have the opportunity to add the live blood test to their health care and self-care. I will continue to do whatever I can to make sure more people can connect with you and the great work you are doing. Thank you very much.

With appreciation and gratitude,


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

C.B. (Las Vegas, NV)

If you have health issues and would like to feel better naturally please inquire in getting a consultation with Philip and Dama. I was literally feeling like I was going to pass out, my moods were out of balance and I had more symptoms that made me feel like just laying in bed and doing nothing. Since I went to them and had my consultation I feel GREAT! I have been taking natural supplements that our bodies need to function properly and changed my diet. I recommend going this route because now most doctors want to load you up on drugs to profit off of you. Don't put this crap in you just to give you more symptoms, then get a new pill for those symptoms. Get your health back naturally.


A.S. (Miami, FL)

Hello!  I have been blessed by Life Is In The Blood. My husband and I originally came to check blood out and I made an offhand joke about me being worse.  Doctors had told him that he had high cholesterol and a messed up thyroid, but little did I know that what was cooking in my blood was a recipe for disaster.  Examining his blood revealed that he did not have high cholesterol after all, but he did have other issues going on that were affecting his life and energy levels.  When it was my turn, I was amazed at all the things they knew about me just by looking at my blood.  They told me that my cells looked very stressed and I do live a very high stress lifestyle.  I am a foster mom and a special-needs mom,  They told me that my cells were dehydrated and they were correct.  I hated drinking water.  They told me I had a hormone imbalance and they were also correct.  At the time I had been wearing an IUD which needed replacing and I was having really bad cystic acne breakouts.  After we spoke about what supplements would help me, I was completely sold.  In about 90 days my body would create a new generation of cells and I would eliminate all those other stressed out ones that could cause me further damage in the future.  My husband and I started both of our 90 day blood detox on Labor Day 2014.  The first 2 weeks were challenging for me because I went gluten-free and I realized how much sugar is even "supposedly" healthy wheat bread and I really felt my sugar levels going up and down, but after that I felt great.  My husband lost weight and I feel better than ever.  (He will tell about his experience on his testimonial).  Towards the end of the 90 days, we were so excited to see our new friends again and see how our cells looked.  We also found out a huge surprise right at the end of our detox.  We found out we were expecting!  I am so grateful that this baby was conceived at the end of a period where we were both transforming our bodies from the inside out and being very healthy.  I'm eternally grateful for Philip and Dama Albuquerque.  People that are not only changing lives, but saving lives.  Good health is not a destination, but a journey.  I absolutely recommend everyone getting a live blood analysis and experiencing  Life Is In The Blood along their journey towards better health.  

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