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CDC Cover-up?

Many of our clients know and understand our position concerning vaccines.  It's no secret that there have been many concerns in the last 13 years pertaining to the safety of children's vaccinations.  Although many people would suggest that vaccines are entirely safe, there are others (including my wife and I) who would disagree.  

About 13 years ago, a very well-known London Doctor named Andrew Wakefield came across some information from many of his patients concerning Autism and the MMR vaccine.  I will not go into detail, but if your interested in the story, you can read about it HERE.  Dr. Wakefield discovered a connection between autism and the GI tract concerning the MMR vaccine.  His findings caused major controversies and for a long time he was labeled a quack and was forced to step down from his (very high and important) position.  

Now on August 20, 2014 some news came out pertaining to the CDC and a major cover-up concerning findings linked directly to autism in black male children and the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months.  A scientist, that has worked for the CDC for over 10 years, has spoken out about this cover-up and decided he could no longer continue to be apart of such deception.  He has given evidence that the CDC has been covering up studies done that show black male children have a 340% higher risk of autism if the MMR shot is given BEFORE 36 months.  You can read the article HERE.  

Some have already come out trying to claim this didn't really happen, although there is video of the interview with the CDC Whistleblower,  but what boggles my mind is the amount of control the media is under concerning this cover-up.  You can search on google and find many articles about this on many natural health websites and blogs, but if you go on mainstream media sites such as FOX, CNN, AOL, NBC, etc. you won't find A SINGLE WORD about this.  Something this big is much more important news than "New Joint Pain Medicine" or "Miley's AMA Award" that is sweeping the mainstream media right now.  

The pharmaceutical companies have been doing well to keep this on the down low, but we have to be smart about what the media is NOT telling us.  They might not be lying, but they are definitely not telling the whole truth.  

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